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Magical Christianity – The Power of Symbols for Spiritual Renewal (with CD)

25 februari 2021

By Coleston Brown.

171 Pages | First edition, 2007 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton | ISBN: 9780835608558

Linking Magic with Christianity is less controversial than som may think, says Coleston Brown. All spiritual traditions are potentially magical in containing myths and symbols that enable the mediation of energies between levens of reality. And mediation by its very nature brings about change. To speak of ''Magical Christianity,'' then, refers to the use of certain potent Christian symbols as a means to self-transformation and spiritual service.

When studying with Gareth Knight---renowned authority on Qabalistic magic---Brown became fascinated by how specific Christian symbols also appear in esoteric traditions worldwide. He later explored these images using special methods of ritual and inner vision. Here he makes that experience available to you, explaining the esoteric meaning of symbols such as:
- the cross                  - the center            - the chalice
- the three realms    - the holy fire        - the wheel of life

This edition also includes new material on the Divine Feminine. On the CD, Brown narrates the experiential meditations given in each chapter to guide you more deeply into the renewing power of the imagery.

''Magic is an age-old means of using the imagination in a self-transformative way, and applying it to the symbolism of mystical Christianity has startling potential. Brown brings the two together to safe and rewarding effect. This is practical mysticism and enlightened magic in formidable combination!''
--- Gareth Knight, author of Experience of the Inner Worlds

auteur: Brown, C.
ISBN: 9780835608558

Prijs: € 19,95

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