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A Matter of Personal Survival – Life After Death

24 april 2019

By Michael Marsh.

209 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1985 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. supported by the Kern Foundation | ISBN: 0835605965.

If, perchance, you have ever asked yourself the question: 'What happens to me after I die (if anything)'?, then you will be interested in Dr. Marsh thoughtful conclusions. He has compiled a completely sensible piece of organized research that offers pro and con evidence concerning the possibility of 'afterdeath life'. When you have finished reading about this Matter of Personal Survival, you will surely have a clearer picture of what (if anything) happens to you when your physical body is no longer operative.

But then you must ask yourself: 'If I do survive, what must it be like to experience life without physical sensation? What exactly is it that remains and permits me to retain my sense of identity'? These and other good questions together with clear and rational answers will be found in this unique study of the basic, bottomline enigma concerning our existence.

From Chapter 10 - 'Approach to the Self' (p. 54):

" From earliest times prophets and poets and philosophers have tried to analyze the nature of human be-ing. More recently psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and anthropologists have added their findings and opinions. Some have profferred a simple view. Plato compared the Soul of man to 'a pair of winged horses and a charioteer', one of the horses being 'uptight and cleanly made . . . a lover of honor and modesty and temperance,' while the other is 'a crooked lumbering animal' filled with lust and insolence and pride'. Freud, twenty-three hundred years later, favored a somewhat similar division , with a realistic ego attempting to guide a moral superego and a lustful id.

Among those, who prefer complex classifications, one might cite the psychologist Henry Murray. He worked up a list of twenty human needs, each one with complex definitions, which interact with sixteen kinds (and many sub-kinds) of environmental 'press'. At the opposite extreme are radical behaviorists like B.F. Skinner, who assert that, apart from the genetic code, humans have no inner nature but only a 'repertoire of behavior' taught by the environment. "



auteur: Marsh, M.
ISBN: 0835605965

Prijs: € 9,19

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