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Facing Death – Welcoming the Afterlife

18 december 2019

By Stephen Knapp (1947 - 2017).

97 Pages | Copyright 1999 | Softcover | The World Relief Network, Detroit U.S.A. | ISBN: 0961741074.

Many people are afraid of death, or do not know how to prepare for it, nor what to expect. So this book is provided to relieve anyone of the fear that often accompagnies the thought of death, and to supply a means to more clearly understand the purpose of it and how we can use it for our higher good. It will also help the survivors of the departed Souls to better understand what has happened and how to cope with it. Furthermore, it shows that death is not a tragedy, but a natural course of events meant to help us reach our destiny.

To assist you in preparing for your own death, or that of a loved one, you will find guidelines herein for making one's final days as peaceful and as smooth as possible, both physically and spiritually. Preparing for death, no matter what stage of life you are in, can transform your whole outlook in a positive way, if understood properly. This will make things clearer in regard to what matters most in this life.

This book is easy to read, with soothing and comforting Wisdom, along with stories of people, who have been with departing Souls and what they have experienced. It is written especially for those, who have given death little thought beforehand, but would now like to have some preparedness for what may need to be done regarding many levels of the experience and what might take place during this transition. So no matter whether you are afraid of death, or concerned about surviving the death of a loved one, or are worried about those that you will leave behind if you depart, or what death will be like and how to prepare for it, this book will help you.

From Chapter 9 - 'Going For God Attaining The Highest Realm' (p. 89):

" In some traditions, existence in the astral world between physical lives lasts only about 40 to 50 days, sometimes much less. Other reports relate that people have lived in the astral realm up to many years, often quite happy and content in a wonderful world filled with love. And they may be waiting for other people that they know to pass over in order to greet them. At other times this dimension can be a miserable place filled with torment and suffering. In either case, it will be an accurate reflection of the good or sinful activities a person has performed on earth. Thus, only you are responsible for your own level of heavenly or hellish existence in the astral world after death. This is why it is always important to practice compassion, kindness, and love in all aspects of life. "


auteur: Knapp, S.
ISBN: 0961741074

Prijs: € 7,75

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