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Cyclic Evolution – A Theosophical View

28 augustus 2018

By Adam Warcup.

144 Pages | Published in 1986 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | ISBN: 0722951507.

The current scientific perspective of the evolution of life on Earth is that of a linear progression from simple to complex. The theosophical perspective is radically different. It postulates a cyclic evolution both for Life itself and for individual genera and species, man included. It further postulates a non-physical component as integral to the whole process. Without this added dimension, evolution appears a to be a random process - a perspective wholly denied by Theosophy.

From the Introduction (p.1.):

" Man, Know Thyself, said the Delphic Oracle. Finding ourselves in a complex world, naturally we ask questions about ourselves and our origins. When we first see that this life is but one of many, we have merely answered the first question. This answer certainly gives life a greater meaning, but it also leads to other questions. Where did the process of rebirth start? Will it end, and if so, when? How did we become the complex psycho-spiritual beings we see ourselves to be? The theosophical literature which is concerned with cyclic evolution provides us with many clues, which lead towards, not so much final answers, as an understanding of the process. "

auteur: Warcup, A.
ISBN: 0722951507

Prijs: € 8,00

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