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When the Sun moves Northward – The Way of Initiation (A Quest Miniature)

22 april 2020

By Mabel Collins (1851-1927).

160 Pages | First Quest Edition 1987, A Quest Miniature | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835606141.

Dutch translation: Als de Zon Noordwaards Gaat | Published in 2004 | Uitgeverij Gabriël | ISBN 9080501735.

Mabel Collins, author of The Light On the Path, explores the link between the mystic recurrence of the Earth's cycles of birth, death and rebirth with the seasonal regeneration of our own spiritual nature. Her meditative prose beautifully evokes the time-less sense of cosmic renewal and the consequent growth of consciousness that has its germination deep within those reflective months of quietude when the sun moves northward.

" I am often asked about the question of Time in regard to the great Ceremonies which take place at midnight when the spirits of men are most completely released from their bodies during the recurrent periods of light and darkness on the earth. Midnight means the deepest depth of the darkness: it has no connection with the arbitrary hours. Therefore, in time there is necessarily a difference according to what places on earth the disciples are dwelling in: and, as time does not exist except as an arbitrary temporary convenience, once outside the body man loses the sense of it. " - Mabel Collins (1923).

From Chapter VII (p. 86):

" Now comes the awful test of obedience. The moment of decision, which arrive to the man, and to the disciple, as a climax to a series of events, these come within the domain and power of mankind. There are other far more awful moments when the hand of a supreme power interferes in the affairs of men, and when the man, even though he be a disciple, is helpless. There are decisions made in a court above us all, from which there is no appeal, which are carried out inexorably. Then there is no decision to be made by the man himself; he can only rebel or obey. The religious man calls this supreme power which gives, and takes away, God: occultists see it in the working of the law of Karma. Be it what it may, if the man rebels against it, the disciple may not. "

auteur: Collins, M.
ISBN: 9780835606141

Prijs: € 12,50

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