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Beyond Logic & Mysticism

24 april 2019

By Tom McArthur.

144 Pages | First Quest Edition 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606597.

This is an exercise book not for the body, but for the mind. It comes complete with review puzles, questions and applications for the concepts introduced in each chapter. It's less of a 'how-to' book, however, than a playground for the mind. Tom McArthur teaches a unitive approach to life as series of overlapping techniques and concepts, in clear, direct language.

In fact, this new book about thinking is easy to read, with plenty of helpful illustrations. Sages and saints throughout time have pointed the way to a more inclusive or unitive way of perceiving life that's free from restraints that conditional thinking puts on us in our limited, everyday thinking. These common ways are too boxed-in, restrictive and non-inclusive. With unitive thinking, we transcend the normal limitations inherent in everyday modes of thought and refuse to be limited to one vision of how things are. At this level of thinking, one has two visions. The secret is allowing yourself enough 'elbow room' by accepting alternative views as valid. Unitive thinking, moreover, is waking from sleep of ordinary perception to the infinite possibilities of reality. It involves responding to differences we encounter in the world and realizing the unity within ourselves and the greater whole. The sense of separateness that divides us from others is the illusory result of limits we place on our thinking.

From Chapter 8 - 'The Scale of Things' (p. 113):

" In the beginning was darkness wrapped in darkness
And everything was unmanifest water;
Whatever was, that Unity, coming into being, hidden by the void,
Was kindled through the power of heat . . .

In the beginning this Oneness evolved . . .
Was there a below? Was there an above?
Scatterers of seed there were, and powers,
With energy beneath and impulse above.

Who knows truly? Who can here declare it?
Whence was it born, whence came this emanation?
By its coming forth the Gods came into being
But who knows where it came from?

Where this emanation came from - 
Whether a God created it, or whether he didn't;
Only its overseer in the highest heaven knows - 
Or perhaps he does not know either. "

From the ṛgveda.

auteur: McArthur, T.
ISBN: 0835606597

Prijs: € 12,21

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