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Somnio Scipionis – (Vision of Scipio)

18 april 2020

By Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC. - 43 BC).

19 Pages | Unknown publication date | Pocket Pamphlet No. 1 | The Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego U.S.A. | No ISBN.

This short fragment of Cicero generally known as the Vision of Scipio to those, who are seeking for the scattered pearls, which once adorned the sacred bosom of the pure virgin of the mysteries, before she was defiled and her robe and jewels trampled in the mire of the sty, is perhaps the most interesting record in the voluminous writings of the great Roman orator.

Whence Tully derived his information, whether from the writings of the outer schools of Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy, or from private sources, is in the present case immaterial.

From page 18:

" Since, therefore, it is evident that that only is eternal, which is self-motive. Who is there to deny that this is a rational attribute of Souls? For everything which is set in motion by external impulse is destitute of the Soul principle, whereas everything ensouled is energised by an interior and self-created motion; for this is the Soul's proper nature and power. "


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