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Healing Without Medicine – From Pioneers To Modern Practice

27 maart 2020

By Albert Amao, PhD., Foreword by Mitch Horowitz.

323 Pages | First Quest Edition 2014 | Softcover | Quest Books U.S.A., | ISBN: 9780835609210.

'How Millions have been healed through the Mind alone'.

The aim of this book is to demonstrate the power of thought to heal the mind and body. Amao examines the rationale behind so-called mind, spiritual, and faith healing and explain why this kind of treatment works where conventional medicine fails. Amao also examines the most prominent leaders of the New Thought movement, who used mental and spiritual means to recover their health from supposedly 'incurable' diseases, and he describes the mechanism that triggered their healing. Finally, he explains why some people do not respond to any kind of treatment, with medicine or without it.

Mainstream academia should be made aware that mental and spiritual healing is an authentic, American-made phenomenon, that originated in and has flourished since the nineteenth century, particularly in New England. This phenomenon continues to develop today through the emerging field of energy psychology, which includes Thought Field Therapy and its derivatives, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique and similar practices.

Amao's main hypothesis is this: All methods of mind and spiritual healing are self-healing. Human beings have an inner capacity to heal themselves. Indeed, conventional medicine can be said to heal, because it removes obstacles so that the body can regain its recuperative capacity.

From Chapter 12 - 'Thomas Jay Hudson, The Scientific Working Hypothesis' (p. 114):

" Some student of Occultism approach metaphysical studies with the idea of surrendering their will and conscious mind to the direction of the subconscious. This is dangerous, because the subconscious cannot direct itself. The person, who allows his subconscious to control him runs the risk that dormant, anarchic, and destructive forces in the psyche will express themselves at the least, expected times in devastating ways. When the conscious mind surrenders it dominion over the subconscious, the person becomes at the mercy of untamed primeval instincts, which could result in mental illness. As Hudson wrote, the subconscious cannot direct itself, nor can direct us. Its marvelous powers must always be definitely limited if they are to do us any real good. The unrestrained expression of the subconscious is insanity. "

Auteur: Amao, A.
ISBN: 9780835609210

Prijs: € 18,95

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