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Right Thinking – The Royal Road To Health

26 februari 2020

By Manly P. Hall (1901 - 1990).

52 Pages | Published in 1982 | Softcover | The Philosophical Research Society Inc. | ISBN: 0893148121.

Humanity is the only form of life in our physical environment capable of the experience of joy; therefore, it should be assiduously cultivated. If pleasures are normal, require no compromise of moral or ethical values, and are free from dissipation, they are a valuable defense against morbid conditions arising in the mind or body.

A bit advice stated by the English scholar Robert Berton, author of The Anatomy of Melancholy, is summarized in the six words, 'Be not solitary, be not idle'. We should all maintain a direct and friendly contact with the society to which we belong, and regardless of the availability of leisure, we should never permit ourselves to be idle. If we remain concerned with the common good and contribute in various practical ways to the well-being of the community in which we reside, we have every reason to hope that health problems can be controlled and for the most part overcome. Health, like happiness, must be earned. It is a reward for constructive involvement in labors dedicated to the common good.

From Page 10:

" Paracelsus regarded disease as an organism with its roots in the invisible nature of man, like parasitic plants or, like lecherous animals, sucking the blood of his Soul. He declared that as lions and tigers attack and devour humans and each other, so diseases are ravenous beasts loosed from the matrix of perverse impulses, and must be treated as such; not as mere aggregations of irrational malignancies. A disease is a story or diary, usually a rather comprising document. It sets forth that which we would tell no man, for it is a forced confession. When man can be laid low in no other way, he is humiliated by infirmity. But even the ailment may be a blessing in disguise, for by such checking we are often protected from ourselves. We are prevented by a lesser ache from doing a greater wrong. "

auteur: Hall, M.P.
ISBN: 0893148121

Prijs: € 7,94

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