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A Rebirth for Christianity (First Edition)

7 december 2019

By Alvin Boyd Kuhn.

218 Pages | Published in 1976 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835600157.

In this powerful book the author confronts the reader with many challenges regarding the orthodox approach to the life of Jesus and the history of Christianity. He points his critical finger at many of the rigid dogmas as well as the rigid dogmas as well as the literal interpretation of Biblical stories, which he asserts have created bigotry and mental servitude and stifled a real understanding of the Christian message.

For Dr. Kuhn the true meaning of Christianity is to be found in its mystical teaching. He calls for a revival of the effort to discover the esoteric significance of the Christian heritage, to understand the allegorical method of Biblical interpretation, and to find behind the myths, dramas, synbolks and allegories, the spiritual vision which they embody. Then, there will occur, he says, a new birth for Christianity and a new enlightenment.

From Chapter 21 - 'Death Throes and Birth Pangs' (p. 212):

" The spiritual science of every age has attempted to set forth the rationale of man's approach to God, and God's availability to man. A causal chain proceeds from the transcendent being of God through the complex orders of principalities and powers, archangels and angels to man. As the symbolism has it, the bodies of higher gods suffer dismemberment so that the fragments of their power may nourish the beings on the planes below. This is the true Eucharist, the true bread broken for all Souls. "

auteur: Kuhn, A.B.
ISBN: 0835600157

Prijs: € 10,50

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