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Mother of the Universe – Visions of the Goddess, Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment

17 januari 2020

By Lex Hixon (1941 - 1995).

223 Pages | A Quest Original 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560702X.

'MA! MA! MA'! The Wise Woman Way - so exquisitely brought to life by Lex Hixon in these verses - has been spinning and spiraling since time out of mind, yet its message is as fresh, vital, and empowering as ever. She calls in these poems. She who is matter, mater, mother, Mary. She calls. She calls you. Listen! You may save your life or the earth.

Mother of the Universe presents, through the vivid mode of Goddess worship, the Mother Wisdom which is always unitive, never divisive. These pages do not introduce some philosophical or literary alternative but unveil the living force, which exists at the very heart of awareness as the upward flowing power of liberation and illumination called Mother Kundalini. These poems are existential inquiry. They are Goddess energy.

What is presented in this book are the visionary Hymns of Ramprasad Sen from eighteenth-century Bengal. The author has not worked from the original Bengali tekst. Selected from English translations by Jadunath Sinha of the two hundred fifty extant songs of Ramprasad, these one hundred twenty-six expanded versions have gradually unfolded over the last twelve years, The Bengali verses are shorthand, as lyrics always are. The contemplative versions represent an articulated literary form, designed not to be sung but recited aloud, thereby retaining a sense of the oral tradition, which these poems represent. Rather than using scholarly footnotes, the expanded poems themselves contain commentary on the esoteric Mother Wisdom of India, and more particularly, on the tantric tradition of Bengal, which has its roots in both Buddhism and Hinduism.

From Page 43:

Even the deepest darkness of this world is simply her Light!:

Will the blessed day ever dawn, O Goddess,

when fiery tears stream from these eyes

upon uttering your exalted name?

Will subtle obscurations of the mind dissolve,

as this body dances and tumbles on the ground

in the boundless ecstasy of Kali, Kali, Kali?

Will the day of truth finally arrive 

when I cast away every distinction,

free from this and that, here and there?

Will the immense longing of my Soul be fulfilled?

Esoteric scriptures of the Goddess declare:

'Ma Tara is utterly formless.

She is clear light beyond all form.'

This poet madly responds:

'Mother exists also as each life, every event.

Open your foolish eyes, cease formless meditation,

and perceive the Goddess everywhere!

Even the deepest darkness of this world

is simply her Light!' "


auteur: Hixon, L.
ISBN: 083560702X

Prijs: € 16,50

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