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Mme. Blavatsky Defended

10 juni 2010

By Iverson L. Harris.

174 Pages | Published in 1971 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications Inc., San Diego, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0913004014.

Refutation of falsehoods, slanders, and misrepresentations published by the National Broadcasting Company, Truman Capote, Walter Winchell, the John Birch Society, Time magazine and others.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was not a revolutionary, except possibly that all efforts toward human enlightenment and decency are a revolution against bigotry, ignorance, hypocrisy, selfishness, superstition and other traits of human nature that tend to corrupt modern civilisation. She was tireless in exposing and opposing these.

What is Theosophy? Theosophy is two-fold. It is an enquiry into the nature of man in his relationship to the universe, and as such incorporates the heart of all the world religions. It is also a way of life. The members of the Theosophical Society are expected to live up to the high ethical principles embodied in the teachings.

From Page 154:

" The universal religion can only be one if we accept the real primitive meaning of the root of that word. We Theosophists so accept it; and therefore say we are all brothers - by the laws of nature, of birth, of death, as also by the laws of our utter helplessness from birth to death in this world of sorrow and deceptive illusions. Let us then love, help and mutually defend each other against the spirit of deception; and while holding to that which each of us accepts as his ideal of truth and unity - i.e., to the religion which suits each of us best - let us unite to form a practical nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, or color. "

auteur: Harris, I.L.
ISBN: 0913004014

Prijs: € 7,00

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