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In Search of the Sacred – A Pilgrimage to the Holy Places

17 januari 2020

By Rick Jarow.

213 Pages | A Quest Original 1986 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606139.

Bring both your personality and your spiritual nature along on this enjoyable and meaningful journey to other lands. There's a place for both as Rick Jarrow takes us along on his richly portrayed pilgrimage to the world's holy places. Explore with Rick the splendor and subtle wonders to be found at Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Amiens, Lourdes, the Vatican, Assisi, the Acropolis. Then to fabled India highlighted by a visit with Rick's good friends, Sai Baba and Swami Jnanananda. Next, become locked in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, while he is meditating. Then on to Israel and the Holocaust Museum. Home then to America where ' . . . living itself a pilgrimage'.

From the Introduction - 'The Gates of Dharma' (p. 7):

" The concept of the spiritual teacher and his power was also an attractive one, for it involved much more than the power of a charismatic individual. Most teachers, even when they claim to possess a personal grace, derive their teachings and their power from a particular river, a lineage, a mode of transmission through which the sacred teachings are handed down. The lineage becomes the bedrock of the culture, the thread through which the rest of life's activities are connected. Eating, sleeping, working, and personal relationships are no longer seen as simply random activities. They are part of the fabric of the tradition, of one's sadhana or spiritual discipline. "

auteur: Jarow, R.
ISBN: 0835606139

Prijs: € 7,50

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