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Desire and Fulfilment

11 september 2019

By Hugh Shearman.

84 Pages | First edition 1956, first reprint 1988 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170591007.

The great problems of all, who try to lead a good life lie not in knowledge, but in volition. It is often said, that the great barrier is ignorance; but if ignorance is to be taken to mean mere lack of information, this is not the whole truth. Our difficulties often arise, not because we do not know what to do. but because we do not want to do it. In fact, our main problems are in the emotive aspect of our lives. They lie in our sense of purpose and in our experience of emotional and creative fulfilment. If they are problems of ignorance, it is a lyrical and intuitive ignorance and not predominantly an intellectual one. Although several excellent works of long established authority in theosophical literature have expounded the nature of the creative and lyrical aspect of our world and the place of desire and emotion in human life, this is a subject, which, without apology, may be interpreted afresh in a new generation.

From Chapter 'The Source of Motive' (p.15):

Earth's humanity today is just entering upon the transition from one kind of motivation to the other. It is a vast and long transition, extending over many ages and shaping many cultures. Great teachers have given such help as they can, and there are many hints and intimations in the religions, philosophies and poetry of the world. But the great problem cannot be solved for us vicariously. The great transition has to be made by each as well as by all. Exhortation and explanation are not enough; for the great truths are alive in a realm that is beyond the scope and limits of rational or systematic thinking. They cannot be caught and conveyed within a cage of rational explanation. It is more often in the dignity of an act, in the perfect response to a situation, in the rare fragrance of a great teacher's presence, that the truth is worldlessly conveyed and recognised. " 



auteur: Shearman, H.
ISBN: 8170591007

Prijs: € 2,00

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