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Islam – The Religion and the People

7 december 2019

By Bernard Lewis (1916 - 2018) and Buntzie Ellis Churchill.

235 Pages | Second printing 2008 | Hardcover | Wharton School Publishing, by Pearson Education Inc. | ISBN: 9780132230858.

  • An objective, easy-to-read introduction to Islam by Bernard Lewis.
  • What Islam really teaches about God, Humanity, Jihad, Tolerance, Women, Democracy, Economics and Radicalism.
  • How Islam shapes the lives of its followers.
  • Islam's challenge to the West.

For many people, Islam remains a Mystery. Here Bernard Lewis and Buntzie Ellis Churchill examine Islam: what its adherents believe and how their religion has shaped them, their rich and diverse cultures, and their politics over more than 14 countries. Considered one of the West's leading experts on Islam, Lewis, with Churchill, has written an illuminating introduction for those, who want to understand the faith and global challenges it confronts and presents. Whatever your political, personal or religious views, this book will help you understand Islam's reality.

From Chapter 3 - 'Scripture, Tradition and Law' (p. 27):


" Someone said to Ash'ab: 'Instead of wasting your time telling jokes, why don't you relate traditions (hadith) concerning the Prophet? That would be a worthier and nobler thing'. '

'By God', replied Ashab, 'I have heard many traditions and related them'. 

'Then, tell us one', said the man.

' I heard from Nafi', said Ash'ab, on the authority of Ibn Umar, 'that the Prophet of God, may God bless and save him, said: There are two qualities, such that whoever has them both is among God's chosen.'

'That is such a fine tradition', said the man. 'What are these two qualities?'

'Nafi forgot one and I have forgotten the other,' said Ash'ab. "

auteur: Lewis, B./Churchill, B.E.
ISBN: 9780132230858

Prijs: € 18,95

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