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30 oktober 2018

By Annie Besant (1847 - 1933).

42 Pages | First edition 1966, second edition 2005 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170594669.

Annie Besant (1847 - 1933), second President of the Theosophical Society (1907 - 1933) was described as a 'Diamond Soul', for she had many brilliant facets to her character. She was an outstanding orator of her time, a champion of human freedom, educationist, philanthropist and author with more than three hundred books and pamphlets to her credit. She also guided thousands of men and women all over the world in their spiritual quest.

In 1896, Dr. Annie Besant gave four Convention Lectures on Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Chrisitianity at Adyar, Madras, on the twenty-first anniversary of the Theosophical Society, the President-Founder, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott (1832 - 1907), being in the Chair. In 1901, she continued the series with another four lectures on Islam, Jainism, Sikhism and Theosophy or 'Divine Wisdom' as the common source of all religions at the twenty-sixth anniversary, Colonel Olcott again presiding. Each of the lectures on the seven religions has been published as a separate booklet with the exception of the lecture on Divine Wisdom, and the whole series as a single volume under the title Seven Great Religions.

From page 36/37:

" We have seen that religion must have its mystic side and this is true of Islam. Ali, again, was the beginner, and the followers of Ali the transmitters. In the year following the flight from Mecca, forty-five poor men bound themselves together to God and his Prophet, to live as a community, and to observe ascetic practices. This was the seed of Sufism, the mystic side of Islam. They teach that ´all is from God´. They teach that there is naught save God and that the universe is but a mirror of Him. They teach that there is one perfect beauty and that all that is beautiful is only a ray from Him. They teach there is only one love, the love of God, and all other loves are true if they come from that. They teach that He alone is true Being and that all else is non-being; and that man who is himself can by illumination rise from non-being to Being and return whence he came. "

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8170594669

Prijs: € 3,50

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