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Krishnamurti on Freedom

10 juni 2010

148 pages | Paperback | Gollancz, 1992

Krishnamurti here addresses the basic issues of freedom - from human rights in the political and social arena to the desire for freedom from "wants, pursuits, ambitions, envies and ill-will". Freedom, according to Krishnamurti, is necessary for clarity of understanding. Freedom is to be without fear. However there are freedoms such as the freedom to overpopulate the earth that create imbalance and even catastrophe and need to be understood in all their dangers.

'I feel Krishnamurti has hold of a magic secret. He is no other than he seems - a free man.' - Francis Hackett, The New Republic

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 0575053283

Prijs: € 10,25

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