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19 juni 2020

Door Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986).

107 Pages | Published in 1982 | Softcover | Krishnamurti Foundation India, Chennai | ISBN: 8187326247.

How does one live sanely in this world of violence and corruption? Is it possible for man to find everlasting security? How does one deal with one's anger, frustration, sexual desire, loneliness and fear? Is a human being a mere thinking machine or is there something beyond thought? What is true meditation. What is the place of religion in the modern world? Krishnamurti's answers to these and many other questions put to him by his audiences form the contents of this book. Krishnamurti 'answers' are not readymade solutions; rather, they are meant to provoke more questions in the mind of the listener so that, out of that questioning and scepticism, he goes from the narrow field of problem-solving to the wider expanse of self-knowledge.

From Chapter 23 - 'Enlightenment' (p. 48 & 49):

" The Eastern and Western gurus all quote the old saying: 'You must be a light unto yourself'. It is an ancient and very famous saying in India. And they repeat it, adding, 'You cannot be a light unto yourself unless I give it to you'. People are so gullible; that is what is wrong. They all want something - the young and the old. For the young the world is too cruel, for them what the older generations have made of the world is too appalling. [...] Equally, the older generation are in the same position, only they express it with more sophistication. They are the same, the young and the old all over the world. But nobody can give guidance, can give light, to another. Only yourself can do that; but you have to stand completely alone. That is what is frightening for the young and the old. If you belong to anything, follow anybody, you are already entering into corruption. Understand that very deeply, with tears in your eyes: when there is no guru, no teacher and no disciple, there is only you as a human being living in this world - the world, the society, which you have created. And if you do not do something for yourself, society is not going to help you. On the contrary, society wants you to be what you are. Do not belong to anything, not to any institution or organization; do not follow anybody; be not a disciple of anybody. You are human being living in this terrible world; a human being who is the world and the world is you. You have to live there, understand it, and go beyond yourself. "

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 8187326247

Prijs: € 6,00

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