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The Plurality of Lives

6 april 2020

By Ralph Gardner.

24 Pages | Issued by the Theosophical Society in England in 1947 | Mini-booklet | The Chameleon Press, London | No ISBN.

This mini-booklet is an attempt by one, who belongs to and loves the Church of England, to justify to himself and explain to others his belief in palingenesis or rebirth. He invites the reader to consider the theory that human beings are not confined to a single experience of earthly life, but are subject to many successive rebirths. It is a theory immensely old - it is found as a belief, almost and an assumption, in some of the most ancient religious documents in the world. It is accepted to-day as a truism by several hundred of millions of Buddhists and Hindus. A belief so long-lived and so wide-spread should be of interest to us.

From page 11:

" We are familiar with the idea that a man's personality is the result of all his previous experiences. Many of those experiences may be what we call 'forgotten'; yet their effects are elements in his present character and consciousness . The psycho-analyst will seek for the cause of some disruption or dis-ease in a patient's mind by helping him to recover a memory of the decisive event or events, which started the tangle. It is recognised that a man, well or ill in mind, is the product of his past. The doctrine of rebirth simply asserts that a man's past is a very much longer one than that of his present personality; and the doctrine of karma means that his present quality as a man, his virtues and defects, derive from his efforts in this life based on the material passed on to him from previous lives. Karma properly regarded is not a chain binding a man to earth; it is the condition he must accept before he can attain to heaven. "

auteur: Gardner, R.

Prijs: € 1,00

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