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The Primal Power in Man or the Kundalini Shakti (1950)

9 oktober 2019

By Swami Narayanananda (1902 - 1988).

155 Pages | Photocopy of the 1950 edition | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. |  ISBN: 1564598403.

Arthur Avalon has written a voluminous book on Serpent Power (Kundalini Shakti). I heartily thank him for his great efforts and the service rendered. In this book, I have purposely avoided diagrams, depicting the different Chakras (Centres) and their Lotuses. No doubt, it helps some, but with many it has created and it creates grave misunderstanding and doubt. The Lotuses and the different Chakras are the mental visions. As such, they are very subtle things. And people in bringing these subtle visions into gross forms, in the form of diagrams, often have committed and commit blunders. In order to avoid all these confusions, I have omitted all sorts of diagrams. I am not giving mere book knowledge here. What I have ventured to write, is my own little experience of the subject. And I would request my readers not to believe me blindly, but to carry on experiments, and then to test and see the validity of the facts stated here. This will clear all doubts. Lastly, I thank heartily all those, who have helped me in bringing out this book successfully.


  • Creation
  • Yoga Nadis
  • Chakras
  • What is Meant by Primal Power of Kundalini Shakti?
  • How the Kundalini Shakti Rises to Higher Planes
  • Dreams
  • Supernatural Power
  • Inspiration
  • Wrong Uses
  • Its Connection with Food
  • Drink
  • Weather
  • The Three Gunas
  • Full Rising of the Kundalini Shakti
auteur: Narayanananda, Swami
ISBN: 1564598403

Prijs: € 15,88

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