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Self-Realization Through Love – Nārada Bhakti-Sūtra

6 februari 2019

By Iqbal Kishen Taimni (1898–1978).

86 Pages | 2003 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170593735.

Dutch translation: Zelfrealisatie door Liefde - De Bhakti-Sūtra van Nārada | Eerste druk 2002 | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750765.

Self-Realization through Love presents the spirit of Bhakti Yoga as outlined in the Bhakti-Sūtra of  Nārada (AD 4th century). This work contains the well-known Sanskrit aphorisms, transliteration in Roman, English version and commentary in a modern idiom.

Love in its purest form is the nature of God and pervades all life. Bhakti is the expression of Divine Love inherent in humankind directed towards the Divine in order to attain Divine Union or Self-realization. The author describes the book as 'a sort of a manual for those who want to realize God through the power of love'. It is, however, useful to aspirants following other paths also, as eventually, all aspects of human nature must be perfected in the evolution towards Self-realization.

Dr. I. K. Taimni, author of several books on Yoga, brings to this one also his usual insightful wisdom and keen observation of human nature.


auteur: Taimni, I.K.
ISBN: 8170593735

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