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Human Regeneration – Lectures and Discussions

10 juni 2010

By Radha S. Burnier (1923 - 2013).

154 Pages | Published in 1990 | Softcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9061750644.

Dutch translation: Regeneratie van de Mens - Lezingen en Discussies | Uitgegeven in 1994 | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9061750695.

Theosophists are all united by a common devotion to the Regeneration of Man. They may differ in their convictions or approach. The teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Blavatsky, Besant, Krishnamurti or some other teacher may inspire some and not others. But there is a strong common bond, namely profound concern for the progress and perfection of humanity, not merely at the material and intellectual levels, but morally and spiritually.

A Theosophist does not seek wisdom to benefit him or herself. 'Not for him/herself but for the world he or she lives'. And the more deeply devotion is directed at the regeneration of mankind, the more ardently the understanding of self and the world and the penetration into the secret of life. Aim is to discover the source of Goodness and Happiness within, which is the birthright of all living beings.

From Chapter 3 - 'Regeneration and the Objects of the Theosophical Society' (p. 91):

" From a pratical view: does not Brotherhood begin with simple things? Just being oridnarily kind, beginning to think in terms of another person, instead of only ourselves. We like to enjoy ourselves, but somebody else has to work. Are we prepared to sacrifice a little of our enjoyment to help the person, who is working? Brotherhood begins like that. But when we are brotherly and kind in the ordinary sense of the word, still the feeling of difference from others does not go - one remains in a world of duality. So we must continue practising Brotherhood, until the tendency of the mind to see in terms of duality disappears. Even the word 'Brotherhood' suggests, that there is a brother and 'myself'. "

From the book:

Without watching oneself and learning to live a truly religious and ethical life, it is impossible to reach the deeper spiritual nature. If we believe meditation to be apart from daily living, failure can be predicted right from the beginning. That is what many do. They give a little time to 'meditation', repeat formulas to quieten the mind for a while, and then that activity ends, and the daily life goes on a course that is quite different. But meditation is the touching of that deeper source of energy which belongs to the spiritual nature. (page. 48)

The book includes question and answer sessions and chapters on the following subjects: 'T.S. Work and the Fundamental Change in Man and Society', 'The Nature of the Change', 'Regeneration and the Objects of the T.S.', 'Our Approach to Theosophy', 'Individual and Group work for Regeneration' and 'The Source of Spiritual Energy'.

auteur: Burnier, R.
ISBN: 9061750644

Prijs: € 10,50

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