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Man And The Universe – A Quest

29 maart 2020

By A.R. Bakshi, Foreword by Radha S. Burnier (1923 - 2013).

136 Pages | First edition 1994 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592313.

The 'Universe' and 'Man', have both been the subject of study by great thinkers through the ages. Man and the Universe - A Quest presents some of the main principles of occult teaching to the ordinary reader and also supplies the serious student with sufficient material for original study offering profuse references to The Secret Doctrine (1888).

From Chapter VII - 'Laws of Nature & Universal Truth and Order' (p. 92 & 93):

" The whole life of the universe, according to the Ancients, is a part of a great artistic process cast into rhythmic phenomenal occurrences such as death and rebirth, creation and destruction, time and eternity, space and void, each occurrence symbolises an eternal cosmic movement. This concept of beauty and art in cosmic motion is symbolised as a female aspect of creative energy called in Indian mysticism 'Durgā' (the invincible), whose laws are impregnable. "

Auteur: Bakshi, A.R,
ISBN: 8170592313
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Prijs: € 7,95

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