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Mastering the Problems of Living

16 januari 2019

By Haridas Chaudhuri.

222 Pages | 1968, First Quest Edition 1975 | Soft cover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604632.

This is a 'HOW TO' book, that aims to help you in your daily life quest. It is definitely not a book to be casually studied and forgotten. It is a book to be used; to be referred to each and every day. It contains a formula for mastering ALL problems of living - every daily experience - a formula, that you will want to recall time after time after time :)

With frankness and vision, Chaudhuri discusses basic and specific concerns, such as:

  • failure at school,
  • disappointment in love
  • emotional fluctuations
  • the pressure of perfectionism
  • the dizziness success
  • the depression of middle age.

From Chapter 'How to live a balanced Life'? (p. 211):

" The Art of integrated living consists in the spirit of intelligent cooperation between nature and spirit. Nature is blind without spirit; spirit is lame without nature. According to a story in the Sānkhya philosophy of India, one time a blind man and a lame man got lost in a forest. Each by himself was in helpless quandery. When they met each other, hope appeared. The lame man jumped upon the shoulders of the blind man. Together, both could easily manage to get out of the forest and reach their destination. Similarly, nature and spirit - by virtue of their purposive togetherness - can together make life gloriously meaningful. "



auteur: Chaudhuri, H.
ISBN: 0835604632

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