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Music: Physician for Times to Come

25 februari 2021

By Don Campbell.

362 Pages | Second edition 2000, third printing 2006 | Paperback | Quest Books, Wheaton | ISBN: 9780835607889

Healing with Sound

Ancient peoples knew that music and sound deeply affect body, mind, and spirit. ''We are just beginning to realize the profound scientific, medical, psychological, and spiritual questions involved in the power of music,'' says Don Campbell. These essays by noted musicians, scientists, music therapists, and spiritual leaders explore new paradigms integrating music's age-old healing role with modern techniques, including:

- sonic entrainment
- the power of chant to relieve depression
- music as a pain reducer
- musical imagery in education and psychotherapy
- the effect of music on memory
- the influences of sound reported by Eastern, Western, Christian, and       esoteric spiritual teachers

auteur: Campbell, D.G.
ISBN: 9780835607889

Prijs: € 17,50

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