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The Beautiful Necessity – Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture

29 maart 2020

By Claude Fayette Bragdon (1866 - 1946).

111 Pages | First Quest Edition 1978, originally published in 1910, with illustrations | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A | ISBN: 0835605078.

'Let us build altars in the Beautiful Necessity'. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is both a historical and contemporary overview of the parallels between the evolution of architecture and the evolution of mankind. Nothing can be said about this book that is not said better by the author through the prolific use of this finely crafted diagrams. Please leaf through these pages. You'll surely be impressed with the 91 exquisite designs and the stark clarity of the message they convey.

I have difficulty in convincing Masons, who have read this book that I am not an Initiate in the 33rd Masonic Degree, and I was conscious of a strong Egyptian influence during the writing of it. Some impulse prompted me to try to present my thought solely by means of pictures and symbols, as was the Egyptian method.

From Chapter VI - 'The Arithmetic of Beauty' (p. 91):

" Although architecture is based primarily upon geometry, it is possible to express all spatial relations numerically: for arithmetic, not geometry, is the universal science of quantity. The relation of masses one to another - of voids to solids, and of heights and lengths to widths - forms ratios; and when such ratios are simple and harmonious, architecture may be said, in Walter Pater's famous phrase, to 'aspire towards the condition of music'. The trained eye, and not an arithmetical formula, determines what is, and what is not, beautiful proportion. Nevertheless the fact that the eye instinctively rejects certain proportions as unpleasing, and accepts others as satisfactory, is an indication of the existence of laws of space, based upon number, not unlike those which govern musical harmony. The secret of the  deep reasonableness of such selection  by the senses lies hidden in the very nature of number itself, for number is the invisible thread on which the world are strung - the universe abstractly symbolized. "

auteur: Bragdon, C.
ISBN: 0835605078

Prijs: € 4,95

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