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Dialogues with a Modern Mystic

14 januari 2020

By Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

274 Pages | First Quest Edition 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607046.

'Dialogues with a Modern Mystic is a silent offering of ethereal word flowers at the feet of the Beloved'.  - Ram Dass.

The Dialogues themselves took place over the course of two, fourteen-day marathons in California and Germany. They are modeled after the Sufi tradition known as sorbet, literally the spiritual talk of friends. This style of informal investigation between brothers and sisters on the path is, we believe, central to the way of the Mother, free of dogma, authority, hierarchy and conclusion.

For the sake of clarity, we have ordered this free-flowing movement into a four-part composition, corresponding to the following four questions:

  1. Where is the human race today?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. How will we get there?
  4. What will we find?

Thus, our talks progress from a necessarily harsh analysis of the 'concentration camp of reason', to a description of the Mother's way (and the future evolution of humankind envisioned by Sri Aurobindo), to a discussion of the ways and means of spiritual life and, finally, to a brief description of the mystic tenets of darkness, silence and nonduality,

From Chapter 3: 'Straddling East and West' (p. 54):

Andrew Harvey: 

" This great revolution that Aurobindo envisioned would be enacted under the aegis of the Divine Mother. Nothing in any of my reading or inner experience prepared me for what I found in his work when I first encountered it at twenty-six in Pondicherry, a vision of the Divine Mother, of God as the Mother, so radical, so potent, so all-embracing that it overturned and transformed completely everything I had hitherto understood of God. At last I found a vision of the Divine that satisfied my heart and mind and answered my profound needs for a belief in a dynamic Feminine Power that could reshape a world I experienced as deformed by patriarchal rationalism and greed; for a relationship with the Divine that would be fearless, unpuritanical and as completely tender, shameless and intimate as the ideal relationship between mother and child. "

auteur: Harvey, A./Matousek, M.
ISBN: 0835607046

Prijs: € 12,50

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