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The Paradoxes of the Highest Science

9 november 2019

By Eliphas Levi, with footnotes by a Master of the Wisdom.

172 Pages | Softcover | Kessinger Publication Company Ltd. Montana | ISBN: 1564590208.

' In which the most advanced Truths of Occultism are for the first time revealed (in order to reconcile the future developments of Science and Philosophy with the Eternal Religion)'.


  1. Preface
  2. Foreword
    1. Religion is magic, sanctioned by authority.
    2. Liberty is obedience to the Law.
    3. Love is the realization of the impossible.
    4. Knowledge is the ignorance or negation of Evil.
    5. Reason is God.
    6. The imagination realises what it invents.
    7. The Will accomplishes everything which it does not desire.
  4.  Synthetic Recapitulation. - Magic - Magism.
  5.  The Unalterable Principles.
  6.  The Great Secret.

From PARADOX VII - The Will Accomplishes Everything, Which It Does Not Desire:

" PRINCE SAKYAMUNI, who has been called Buddha, said that all the torments of the Human Soul had their origin in either fear or desire; and he concluded by two sentences, which we may thus render:

Desire then nothing, not even Justice; wait until soon or late Heaven accomplish it. Nirvana is not annihilation: it is. in the Order of Nature, the great appeasement. "

God fears nothing; he knows that evil cannot triumph, and he desires nothing; he knows that evil cannot triumph, and he desires nothing; he knows that the good will accomplish itself, but he wills that truth should be, because it is true, and that justice should be done, because it is just. "

auteur: Levi, E.
ISBN: 1564590208

Prijs: € 14,52

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