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The Seven Rays – Seven Types of Men

20 november 2018

By Ernest Wood (1883 - 1965).

190 Pages | Copyright 1925, fourth Quest book printing 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604810.

Humanity, occultism teaches us, is divided into seven distinct groups called 'rays'. Generally speaking, your strongest motivations indicate to which of the 'ray' groupings you belong. You are influenced by all seven rays, occultism suggests, but one of the seven predominates. Would you like to know which of the seven rays is yours? 'With such knowledge', writes the author, 'we are in a position to choose what games we will play in this life or ours.' For instance if your ray is number one, you are inclined to be independent in spirit and strong intuition. Is this your ray?

From the Preface (p. viii):

" If there are seven rays or types, and each one of us belongs, as it were, especially to one of these, and conducts his pathway in life accordingly, will there not be a tendency to narrowness or over-specialization?

This is a question often asked. The answer is:

Not if we understand the situation. All the seven rays are always present in everybody, but one of them in each person is the captain of the team or the president of the board, and the other six rally round, and use their own specific talents to help carry out his purpose. "





auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 0835604810

Prijs: € 8,50

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