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Collected Poems

18 december 2019

By Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875–1953).

122 Pages | Published in 1953 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | No ISBN.

This Volume of Poems by Jinarājadāsa is presented in fulfilment of a verbal promise made to him in 1949, further enjoined by a clause in his last Will, to the effect that after his death there should be published certain poems written in notebooks carefully preserved by him from 1909, when he first adopted the poetic method for giving expression to his feelings, thoughts and aspirations. Not many of these have previously appeared in print, although from time to time he has quoted a number to illustrate some point in a lecture or a book, and has on several occasions given readings from his poems to Theosophical audiences.

The poems in this collection have been grouped, where possible, according to classifications suggested by Mr. Jinarājadāsa himself. As for the others, they have been arranged under classifications into which they seem quite naturally to fall by reason of their subject matter. The author has always disclaimed any real poetic ability frankly admitting, 'I am not a poet - yet.'

From page 5:


" A Pearl of great price,
Lo, I have found it;
Heart on the Cross,
Yea, I have bound it.

Mine now the wide world's
Sorrow and sadness,
Indivisible ever
From my life's gladness.

Mine now the reaping
Of all men's sowing,
Deep tribulations
Of age-long growing.

Rests on my shoulder
The world's sad burden;
Of all men's sorrows,
Sorrowless warden.

I the alchemist,
With the one solvent,
Woe to joy chanting
Yea, the At-onement.

Till at the reckoning
My Pearl and I render,
YOU discovering
With the surrender. "

England, 1913.

auteur: Jinarajadasa, C.

Prijs: € 2,50

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