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28 februari 2020

By Clara Margaret Codd (1876 - 1971) and Dorothy Codd.

76 Pages | Published in 1964 | Softcover| Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | No ISBN.

This little work consists of a selection of poems written by the sisters Codd.

From page 1 & 2:

To The God In My Heart

" Ah! Thou most beautiful,
Mysterious, pure,
And high above my Soul as life and death,
Whence comest thou?
Dear God! Dear God!

Ah! Thou strange visitant,
And yet not strange,
My soul cries for Thee through the veil which
. . . shades
My clearer sight,
And loves, loves, loves.

Whence comes that wondrous world,
Still, far, and sweet,
Which opens to my soul, and makes my heart
Stand still, forget
She lives, she beats?

Ah! I have lived so long,
Such long, long years surge in my memory,
Such years and years
Of long-dead sweets.

So, then. within the circle of these arms,
As though a cross upheld through all the worlds;
So, then, within the boundary of his heart,
Grown greater than the seas, and deep as hell;
Come thou, O world, I that have ache of thee,
And pity that shall fill a thousand years
For every tear of thine! And thee, thou soul
Amongst all other souls so well-beloved,
If thou hast will to come -

Aye! If thou art blind, and know not -
Little one, come! "

auteur: Codd, C.M.

Prijs: € 2,00

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