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Neurospeak – Transforms Your Body While You Read

23 oktober 2019

By Robert Augustus Masters.

107 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607070.

'Body Games for the 21st Century'.

Neurospeak can radically change your body, your consciousness, the very essence of your being and all you have to do is read the book! A revolutionary technique - or body game - Neurospeak addresses the nervous system through the written word to elicit changes in muscles, body organs, and conceivably the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. It emerges at a confluence of psychological re-education and some kinds of communication speaking to deeper levels of the person than are reached by language as ordinarily used. Psychophysical re-education and such sub-cortical linguistics are natural allies and belong together as each expands and enriches the other.

From the Afterword:

" Neurospeak is one of the several main components of a larger system of neural and sensory re-education called 'Psychophysical Method' or 'Masters Technique'. The Method was developed as a program of The Foundation for Mind Research during the almost thirty years I have worked as a Director of Research of that Foundation. The Method is part of a still larger inquiry aimed at defining and gaining productive access to latent or barely tapped human potentials. 'Psychophysical Method' mainly consists of the following:

  1. Movement Work

  2. Image Work

  3. Neurospeak

  4. Altered States of Consciousness. "

auteur: Masters, R.A.
ISBN: 0835607070

Prijs: € 18,20

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