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The Gheranda Samhita – A Treatise on Hatha Yoga

9 februari 2019

Translated by Srisa Chandra Vasu (1861–1918).

132 Pages | First edition 1895, 2nd edition 1933, 3rd edition 1976 | Hardcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 722950667.

From the Foreword:

Gheraṇd̯a Samhitā is a Tāntrika work, treating of Haṭha-Yoga. It consists of a dialogue between the sage Gheraṇd̯a and an enquirer called Caṇd̯akāpāli. The book is divided into seven Lessons or Chapters and comprises, in all, some three hundred and fifty verses. It closely follows in the foot-steps of the famous treatise on the Haṭha-Yoga, known as Haṭha-Yoga Pradīpikā. In fact, a large number of verses of Gheraṇd̯a Samhitā correspond verbatim with those of the Pradīpikā. It may, therefore be presumed that one has borrowed from the other, or both have drawn from a common source.

The book teaches Yoga under seven heads or Sādhanas. The first gives directions for the purification of the Body (inside and out). The second relates to Postures, third to Mudrās, the fourth to Pratyāhāra, the fifth to Prāṇāyāma, the sixth to Dhyāna, and the seventh to Samādhi. These are taught successively - a chapter being devoted to each.


auteur: Vasu, S.C.
ISBN: 722950667

Prijs: € 10,50

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