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The Tarot – A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

8 april 2022

By Paul Foster Case (1884 - 1954).

238 Pages | 2006, original printed in 1947 | Paperback | Penguin Group, New York | ISBN: 9781585424917.

An occult classic since 1947, Paul Foster Case's The Tarot is available to a general audience for the first time ever in paperback.

Many students of the Western esoteric tradition consider Paul Foster Case's The Tarot the finest modern explanation of the hidden meaning of numbers, the construction of the Tarot, and the attribution of the twenty-two major trumps to the Hebrew alphabet.

In clear and understandable language, Case illuminates the occult Tarot tradition and technique for the contemporary thinker. Students of the Tarot will find in these pages the necessary information to understand and apply the principles of Tarot---and the correspondences of symbol, tone, color, and number---to the art of daily living. The author also includes extremely useful chapters on methods of study and Tarot divination.

In this new edition, the book appears for the first time with an indez and an appendix of resources. Here is a genuine underground masterpiece, now available to a general readership.

Author: Case, P.F.
ISBN: 9781585424917

Prijs: € 16,95

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