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Early Teachings of the Masters (1881 – 1883)

7 februari 2020

By Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875–1953).

245 Pages | Facsimile reprint published in 1995 | Softcover | Kessinger Publishing, LLC, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564595943.

During the year 1881, two very able Englishmen, who were resident in India at the time, joined the Theosophical Society. They were Alfred Percy Sinnett, Editor of The Pioneer, and Allan Octavian Hume, who held a very high appointment in the service of the Britisch Government. The instruction given by certain of the Masters of the Wisdom to A.P. Sinnett and A.O. Hume came in the form of answers to questions, which they propounded. The inquirers wrote their questions which were then given or sent to H.P.B., who was in Allahabad, Simla or Bombay, as the case might be, either residing with them or at a distance.

The procedure adopted by the Masters seems to have been roughly as follows: Sometimes the Masters, by occult means, brought the letter to Their residences in Tibet; sometimes They read the letter in India wherever it was written. In a few cases, the Master K.H. after receiving a letter annotated it, and returned it to H.P.B. to be filed. Several letters of Mr. Sinnett and one of Mr. Hume thus annotated were filed by H.P.B. and are now at Adyar.


  1. Planetary Chain
  2. Conditions After Death
  3. Races and Sub-Races
  4. Cosmic Origins
  5. Science
  6. Ethics & Philosophy
  7. The Universal Mind
  8. Avalokiteśvara
  9. Our Ideas On Evil
  10. Planetary Spirits
  11. Principle of Life
  12. Appendix A-D.
auteur: Jinarājadāsa, C.
ISBN: 1564595943

Prijs: € 19,00

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