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First Principles of Theosophy

7 februari 2020

By Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875–1953).

465 Pages | Facsimile reprint published in 1995 | Softcover | Kessinger Publishing, LLC, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564595358.

Theosophy is the Wisdom arising from the study of the evolution of life and form. This Wisdom already exists, because the study has been pursued for long ages by properly equipped investigators into nature's mysteries. The investigators, who are called 'the Masters of Wisdom', are those Souls, who in the evolutionary process have passed beyond the stage of man to that next higher, that of the 'Adept'.

As man evolves to Adept, he gains knowledge by investigation and experiment. The knowledge so far gained by an unbroken line of Adepts is Theosophy, the Ancient Wisdom. As man becomes Adept he ceases to be merely an item in the evolutionary process, and appears as a Master and Director of that process, under the supervision of a great Consciousness called in Theosophy the LOGOS. He is enabled, as co/operator with LOGOS, to see nature from His standpoint, and to some extent survey her, not as helpless tool, but with the vision of her Creator. Such a survey is Theosophy to-day.

From Chapter XVI  - 'God's Plan, Which is Evolution' (p. 368):

" So the Solar System, as the Logos and His seven great Assistants, who work with Him, appears as a great Flower of many petals, with a great, glowing golden heart at its centre. Whoso can attain to this vision of the work of the Logos can never have a shadow of doubt as to His Love and Might and Beauty. Each vision of the Truth, through religion or philosophy, through science or art, or through philantropy and service, leads the Soul one step nearer to the goal, which is, to live and move and have his being, in full consciousness, and with exceeding joy, in the Logos of our Solar System. "

auteur: Jinarājadāsa, C.
ISBN: 1564595358

Prijs: € 27,00

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