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The Purpose of Theosophy

28 april 2021

By Petra Meyer & Patience Sinnett (1844 - 1908).

131 Pages | 2019 | Hardcover | Martin Firrell Company Ltd, Modern Theosophy, London | ISBN: 9781912622221.

This book is part of a series of writings, collected under the banner 'Modern Theosophy', re-presenting important texts drawn from the history of the theosophical movement together with texts from contemporary authors and innovative thinkers.

In practical terms, theosophy is pure 'divine ethics'.
--Petra Meyer, 2020

The student of theosophy may surely find in this life the key to the hidden mysteries of nature, as well as the way that leads to spiritual and intellectual progress.
--Patience Sinnett, 1885

Author: Meyer, P. / Sinnett, P.
ISBN: 9781912622221

Prijs: € 18,95

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