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Shambhala – The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Shangri-La

20 november 2019

By Victoria LePage.

309 Pages | First Quest Edition 1996 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560750X.

'Discover the Secrets of Shangri-la'.

Somewhere, beyond Tibet, lies a Paradise of Universal Wisdom and ineffable peace known as Shambhala. Called by some Shangri-la, this mythical kingdom of jewel lakes, wish-fulfilling trees, and speaking stones has fired the imagination of both actual explorers and travelers to the inner realms. This fascinating look behind the myth shows Shambhala to be a 'real' place, always accessible to the pure of heart.

From Chapter 14: 'A Sign of the New Millenium' (p. 268):

" As for its destiny, the Kalachakric texts say, that one day the reign of the King of Shambhala will extend over the whole earth, which will become like a garden; a new Wisdom age will dawn and humanity will make rapid spiritual progress. The enemies of Shambhala will be defeated and those barbarians, who invade its sacred territory will be destroyed; yet that destruction will be their salvation. For Shambhala's high vibrations will purify them, and their Souls will become as pellucid as crystal, so that after death on the battlefield they will be reborn into a Pure Land or else liberated beyond any earthly paradise into Nirvana. "

auteur: LePage, V.
ISBN: 083560750X

Prijs: € 17,95

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