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Beyond Individualism – The Psychology of Transformation

18 september 2019

By Dane Rudhyar (1895 - 1985).

148 Pages | A Quest Original, published in 1979 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605183.

Beyond Individualism is, we suggest, a book for the serious student, who may feel that today's psychology would do well to include an added dimension of thought. Rudhyar provides this dimension. The result is a transpersonal, transcultural, beyond individualism psychology.

From Chapter 1 - 'A Holistic Approach' (p. 7):

" However individualized and separate modern men and women may be, the basic, yet almost totally forgotten fact is that their physical organisms, from which all forms of activities and all types of consciousness are primordially derived, are constituted mainly by 'sea water'. It is the same kind of sea water, however different the races, cultures and personalities. The original oceanic state remains the the foundation of life in every living organism, be it the body of the greatest genius, saint or 'perfect Master'. It is primordial stuff out of which the 'generic' unconcious develops. One might call it the foundation of planetary life serving as a substratum for the process of generic differentiation of Earth-life into a multitude of animal species, with homo sapiens as the present apex of the differentiating biological evolution. "

auteur: Rudhyar, D.
ISBN: 0835605183

Prijs: € 6,19

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