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12 maart 2021

Sleutel tot de Upanishads

Door Manon van Dijk-Hullegie.

76 Pagina’s | 2020, eerste druk | Paperback | Uitgeverij Viveki, Lelystad | ISBN 9789078555155

Sleutel tot de Upanishads is een introductie tot de Upanishads, de belangrijkste spirituele teksten uit de Vedische cultuut. Ze geven ons antwoord op de grote levensvragen: wat is geluk en hoe bereik ik het? Wie of wat ben ik? Wat is de wereld en waaruit is zijn ontstaan?

De Upanishads onthullen de onbegrensde, onveranderlijke werkelijkheid ‘waaruit alle wezens zijn geboren, waarin zij leven en waarheen zij terugkeren’, Ze ontvouwen hoe het onbegrensde bewustzijn van zowel onszelf als de wereld is. In de ontdekking van dit feit zien we hoe we volledig acceptabel zijn, vrij van elk gebrek, de bron van geluk.

Aan de hand van een selectie prachtige mantra’s laat dit boekje zien hoe de duizenden jaren oude onderwijstraditie nog altijd de sleutel is tot deze kennis.

Auteur: Van Dijk-Hullegie, M.
ISBN: 9789078555155
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Prijs: € 12,00

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The Spiritualscape of the Upaniṣad-s

By R. Balasubramanian, general editor S. Sankaranarayanan.

27 Pages | First edition 2007 – The Adyar Library Pamphlet Series No. 63 | Pamphlet | The Adyar Library and Research Center, India | No ISBN.

The Upaniṣad-s are extraordinary texts and not only the concluding portion, but also the consummation of the Veda-s. There are four Veda-s, and each Veda has four sections, which are called Mantra, Brāhmaṇa, Āraṇyaka, and Upaniṣad. The Mantra-s are hymns in praise of Gods and Goddesses. The Brāhmaṇa-s deal with sacrificial rites. The Āraṇyaka-s contain meditative practices. The Upaniṣad-s are philosophical treatises dealing with Being and beings of all kinds.

The aim of the Upaniṣad-s, according to Śamkara, is to help human beings dis-cover the Self, which is Brahman and overcome the existential predicament. The goal can be achieved only by means of a new thinking, a radical questioning of the given, a rigorous inquiry into the life-world, which is bound to lead to a transvaluation of all values through deconstruction and reconstruction.

From page 14:

” The enlightened one attains unity with the All. He expresses wonder that the individual with all limitations has been able to shake them off and become one with the All. To get at the Real, we must get behind the forms of matter, the forms of life, the forms of mind, the forms of intellect. By removing the sheaths, by shaking off the bodies, we realise the Highest. This is the meaning of vastrāpaharaṇa. ‘Across my threshold naked all must pass’. “


Prijs: € 3,00

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The Wisdom of the Upanishads

By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

101 pages | First edition, 9th reprint (2007) | Paperback | Four lectures ath the 31st anniversary Convention of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, December 1906 | The Theosophical Publishing House Adyar | ISBN: 8170590299.

From the Foreword:

” Little need be said in sending out this booklet to tge world. It is an attempt, a very humble attempt, to draw a few drops from the ancient wells of Aryan wisdom, and to offer them to quench the thirst of weary Souls, traveling through the desert of, seeking for Truth. The Upanishad-s are unique in the sacred literature of the world. They stand alone a beacon-lights on a mountain-peak, showing how high man may climb, how much of the Light of the Self may shine out through the vessel of clay, how truly God may speak through man. To speak on them, to write on them, seems presumption for such a one as myself, and yet it may be that help will come to some of my brethren even in this way . . .  “


Author: Besant
ISBN: 8170590299

Prijs: € 4,00

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The Dialogues of Plato and The Upanisad-s

By Prof. Nicholas Kazanas.

35 Pages | Published in 2005, The Adyar Library Pamphlet Series No. 57  | Softcover | The Adyar Library and Research Center | ISBN: 8185141495.

The quest for Self-knowledge, or love of wisdom is the central theme of Greek philosophy and Upanisadic Tradition. Prof. Kazanas discusses in this paper some apparent similarities, as well as fundamental differences between the Upanisadic teachings and the Platonic dialogues on soul, body, desire, education, reincarnation, etc. His discussion is quite scholarly but very readable.

Auteur: Kazanas, Nicholas
ISBN: 8185141495

Prijs: € 5,00

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The Absolute – The Ultimate Reality (Parabrahman) (Blavatsky Lecture 1985)

By Harry Upadhyay, Ph.D.

32 Pages | 27 July 1985| Softcover | The Theosophical Society in England, London | No ISBN.

The Blavatsky Lecture delivered at the Annual Convention of The Theosophical Society in England at the University of Nottingham, 27 July 1985.


‘Unperceivable, beyond empirical dealings, beyond grasp of the organs of action, uninferable, unthinkable, indescribable . . . ‘  – Māndukya Upanishad.

These words of the Māndukya Upanishad are not the only significant references to the Absolute, the Ultimate Reality; Parabrahman. Such words about Brahman and Ātman abound in most of the Upanishads. I quote here just a few. Maitri Upanishad says – ‘The Spirit Supreme is immeasurable, inapprehensible, beyond conception, never-born, beyond reasoning, beyond thought.’ Mundaka Upanishad says – ‘He cannot be reached by the senses, or by an austerity or sacred action . . . ‘

auteur: Upadhyay, H.

Prijs: € 2,00

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The Wisdom of the Vedas

By J.C. Chatterji.

151 Pages | First Quest Edition 1980, revised edition 1992 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606848.

  • How did the universe come into being?
  • What is the nature of God?
  • What is the nature of the human spirit?
  • How can one gain mastery over the mind?
  • What is yoga?
  • What in us transcends death?

All who seek understanding of the basic philosophies of the East will find in this book an illuminating presentation of the great Vedic system of thought, India’s oldest and most profound religious/philosophical tradition. This book is remarkable or its author’s ability to frame the subtleties of Eastern thought for Western readers.

This new edition features an introduction by renowned Vedic scholar David Frawley, author of Gods, Sages and Kings (1991) and From the River of Heaven: Hindu and Vedic Knowledge in the Modern Age (1990).

From the Introduction (p. 6):

” The present volume of Pandit Chatterji relates the essence of Vedic wisdom, as set forth in the Upanishads. This essence of Vedic knowledge is also called Vedanta, or the end of the Vedas, as it represents the culminating insights of Vedic thought. Hence, this book can also be examined as a primary treatise on Vedanta and is one of the most important recent studies relative to it. The book relates to the higher and philosophical portion of Vedic inquiry, rather than to ritualistic or cultural aspects, which are not of such importance for this work. In this regard, the author mainly follows the Advaita Vedanta system of the philosopher-sage Shankaracharya. “

auteur: Chatterji, J.C.
ISBN: 0835606848

Prijs: € 16,95

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With the Vivarana Commentary by Śri Upanishadbrahmayogin. Edited by the Pandits of the Adyar Library under the supervision of Prof. C. Kunhan Raja. Critically edited with his Tippani by Dr. S. Sankaranarayanan, Hon. Professor, Adyar Library.

603 Pages | First edition 1936, revised edition 1996, The Adyar Library Series, Volume 15 |  Hardcover, with Sanskrit texts | The Adyar Library and Research Centre | No ISBN.


auteur: Sankaranarayanan, S. (ed.)/Kunhan Raja, C. (ed.)

Prijs: € 25,41

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