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Vedanta Philosophy – Five Lectures on Reïncarnation (1908)

5 december 2018

By Swami Abhedananda (1886 - 1936).

99 Pages | Photocopy of the Original 1908 edition | A4 Softcover | Kessinger Publication Company Ltd. | ISBN: 1564598861.


Chapter 1 - Reïncarnation

Chapter 2 - Heredity and Reïncarnation

Chapter 3 - Evolution and Reïncarnation

Chapter 4 - Which is Scientific, Resurrection or Reïncarnation?

Chapter 5 - Theory of Transmigration.

From Chapter 2 - 'Heredity of Reïncarnation' (p. 47):

" Those, who accept the truth of Reïncarnation do not blame their parents for their poor talents, or for not possessing extraordinary powers, but they remain content with their own lot, knowing that they have made themselves as they are to-day by their own thoughts and deeds in their previous incarnations. They understand the meaning of the saying 'what thou sowest, mus thou reap', and always endeavor to mould their future by better thoughts and better deeds. They explain all the inequalities and diversities of life and character by the law of 'Karma', which governs the process of Reïncarnation as well as the gradual evolution of the germs of life from lower to higher stages of existence. "

auteur: Abhedananda (Swami)
ISBN: 1564598861

Prijs: € 13,16

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