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Vegetarianism and Occultism

6 juni 2018

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 - 1934).

72 Pages | Reprint 2001 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170593689.

Leadbeater explains in definite and simple terms, on grounds of health, economy, ecology, ethics and spirituality, why the vegetarian diet is best for humans. He quotes numeral medical and other authorities of his time to show how unnecessary it is to slaughter millions of animals and birds for food and what  effects the killing and consumption of the flesh has on the physical, emotional and mental nature of the persons involved. The arguments put forth in this book in favour of vegetarianism are finding more and more support in the present day.

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 8170593689

Prijs: € 2,50

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