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Breathe into Being – Awakening to Who You Really Are

16 oktober 2019

By Dennis Lewis.

115 Pages | First Quest Edition 2009 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9780835608725.

Welcome to Breathe into Being, a book that can help you awaken to who and what you really are through the miracle of the breath as it manifests now in your body. Most books on breathing explain how and why you should work with your breath to improve your health, increase your energy or obtain some spiritual goal - all in the future. Most books on presence explain that there is really nothing to do to be who you really are except perhaps to open your eyes right now and see that you have always been what you have been searching for.

Of course, there are books on breathing that discuss the importance of presence and books on presence, that discuss the importance of breathing. There are very few (if any) contemporary books, however, that explore the depths to which breathing itself, natural breathing, is a portal to presence, an ever-present gateway to Awakening to and Being Who you Really Are.

From Chapter: 'We Can Only Find Meaning and Happiness Now and Here' (p. 24 & p. 25):

" Of course, not all of us want to go through this process of tranformation. Many of us are quite content to live with our beliefs and our ways of viewing ourselves and the world. So here, before we go on, I suggest you take some time to look into your heart and mind and ponder what it is that, beneath all your fleeting desires, you really want. A big help in this process would be to put it into words and write these words down. After you have written them down, it may be helpful to put one hand on your belly and the other on your heart and follow your breathing for a few minutes, letting yourself become one with it. Then look closely at the words again and see if they resonate with what you actually feel. Are the words true? Is what you wrote down what you really want? What do you really want? Try writing what you really want again in a more honest way. "

Auteur: Lewis, P.
ISBN: 9780835608725

Prijs: € 16,00

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