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Hatha Yoga – A Simplified Course (1994 edition)

27 februari 2019

By Wallace Slater.

65 Pages | First edition 1966, 2nd and revised edition 1977, 6th Quest reprinting 1994 | Quest Books U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835601382.

NB: This is the most recent edition, the older (hence cheaper) 1977 edition can be purchased in our Webshop here.

Hatha Yoga deals with the care, health and well-being of the physical body through conscious control of the vibrations of matter. The Hatha yogi proceeds in consciousness from the physical life to the mental to the spiritual, leading to the development of the inner spiritual self manifesting through thoughts, feelings and actions in the outer world.

This Simplified Course is intended for busy people. These are critically selected exercises, which can be used by people without risk and without need for personal instruction. Hatha Yoga comprehensively reveals the ancient wisdom of yoga, or Union of spirit and matter, including:

  • personal hygiëne and diet
  • āsanas or yogic postures
  • prāṇāyāma and the life-principle
  • meditation, from concentration to contemplation.

From LESSON 1 (p. 8):

D. Meditation

" Think selectively. Choose what you are going to think about, then think seriously about it. This is not just an early morning exercise, this is for the whole day. Try to make all thinking during the day more definite and clear. In particular, think optimistically. "

auteur: Slater, W.
ISBN: 0835601382

Prijs: € 5,50

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