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Initiation into Yoga

29 maart 2019

By Sri Krishna Prem, formerly known as Ronald Henry Nixon) (1898 - 1965).

128 Pages | First Quest Edition 1976 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604845.

Yoga according to Sri Krishna Prem is nothing but an intense relating to life: 'The aspirant must therefore guard himself carefully against any tendency to separate himself from his fellows. He must strive always to feel himself into the hearts of those he meets in his daily life'. Surely these words are a far, far cry from what we are used to reading in the great array of yogic studies now available to the Western world. Initiation into Yoga is indeed a living experience between author and reader: therefore, a legitimate yogic experience in itself.

From Chapter I - 'Initiation into Yoga' (p. 35 & 36):

" The Guru is the pure Consciousness itself dwelling in the heart of every living being and particularly that Light as reflected in the 'sattvic buddhi' - the power that gives us certain knowledge beyond all the doubts and hesitations of the mind. That Light dwells in all beings and speaks (that is why some traditions have termed it the Logos, the Word) in our hearts with the voice of conscience; though only too often we confuse its voice with various other voices that speak with louder accents. "


auteur: Prem, Sri K.
ISBN: 0835604845

Prijs: € 6,19

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