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Patañjali’s Yoga Aphorisms

12 februari 2020

By Patañjali, Preface and translation by William Quan Judge (1851 - 1896).

74 Pages | Copyright 1987, firstly published in 1985 | Hardcover | The Theosophy Company, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0938998110.

'This book is laid upon the altar of Master's Cause, and is dedicated to their servant H.P. Blavatsky. All concern for its fruits or results is abandoned: They are left in charge of Karma and the Members of The Theosophical Society'.

This edition of Patañjali's Yoga Aphorisms is not put forth as a new translation, nor as a literal rendering into English of the original. In the year 1885 an edition was printed at Bombay by Mr. Tookeram Tatya, a Fellow of the Theosophical Society, which has been since widely circulated among its members in all parts of the world. But it has been of use only to those, who had enough acquaintance with the Indian system of philosophy to enable them to grasp the real meaning of the Aphorisms notwithstanding the great and peculiar obstacles due to the numberless brackets and interpolated sentences, with which not only are the Aphorisms crowded, but the so-called explanatory notes as well. For the greater number  of readers these difficulties have been an almost insurmountable barrier; and such is the consideration that has led to the preparation of this edition, which attempts to clear up a work that is thought to be of great value to earnest students.

From the Preface (xv - xvi):

" The sytem postulates that Ishwara, the spirit in man, is untouched by any troubles, works, fruit of works, or desires, and when a firm position is assumed with the end in view of reaching union with spirit through concentration, He comes to the aid of the lower self and raises it gradually to higher planes. In this process the Will by degrees is given a stronger and stronger tendency to act upon a different line that from indicated by passion and desire. Thus it is freed from the dominion of desire and at last subdues the mind it-self. "

auteur: Judge, W.Q.
ISBN: 0938998110

Prijs: € 7,26

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