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Mastering your Hidden Self – A Guide to the Huna Way

25 februari 2021

By Serge Kahili King.

180 Pages | First edition, 1985, twelfth printing | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton | ISBN: 9780835605915

The world is what you think it is

The most fundamental idea in Huna philosophy is that each of us creates our own experience of reality by our beliefs, interpretations, actions and reactions, thoughts and feelings. It is not that our reality is created as a result of these personal expressions, but that we are cocreators with the Universe itself. Huna is about learning to become a conscious Cocreator.

• Learn how your Higher Self, or aumakua, is contacted in the dream dimension
• Get in touch with the Mana, the hidden energy of life
• Develop higher powers of concentration by utilizing the tikis, created images of sight, sound, and feeling in meditation
• Become aware of your subconscious, an integral part of your being, which impatiently awaits communion with the ego

auteur: King, S.
ISBN: 9780835605915

Prijs: € 16,50

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