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The Mystery Of Healing

28 maart 2020

By anonymous authors.

95 Pages | Published in 1958, First Quest Book revised edition 1968, third Quest printing 1981 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835601145.

In the last few decades, medicine has made vast strides, although there is still much to be learned about the basic problems of disease. At the same time, public interest in spiritual healing and unorthodox methods has greatly increased, often without critical or intelligent study of their results. Yet the most careful scientific scrutiny shows that in a small number of case quasi-miraculous cures do indeed occur.

In this book, the writers attempt to discuss the conditions, which allow exceptional cures to take place or which seem to prevent them. The fundamental question is: 'What heals'? This raises further questions: Why does healing not always take place when all the apparently obvious conditions are there for it to do so? Moreover, why is it that sometimes a quite fantastic method will succeed when proved and tried medical treatment has failed?

The group, which produced this small book consists of qualified medical practitioners and psychotherapists, together with others who have had long experience with unorthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment. While acknowledging all that can be and has been done by medical science and psychotherapy to alleviate suffering, the conclusions arrived and emphasise the interior sources of healing that exist deep within each individual.

From Appendix A - 'Karma and Health' (p. 87):

" Thus in the case of illness - and for that matter in happy experiences also - the individual, who accepts the idea of karma can ask himself: 'What am I doing to deserve this? And if he is in pain, 'What is there in me that perpetuates this misery? In what way is my attitude towards it, or towards life itself, in error?' And if this leads him to learn the lesson he has to learn, he may find himself quickly and unaccountably free of that situation. "

auteur: Anon.
ISBN: 0835601145

Prijs: € 4,63

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