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Nieuws over de Adyar renovatiewerkzaamheden 1

27 oktober 2019

Bekijk hieronder de foto’s en korte berichten over de stand van zaken van de boeiende renovatiewerkzaamheden op Adyar, met nieuws over:

Leadbeater Chambers

De verhuizing van de archieven

De nieuwe school op de campus van “Besant Gardens”

En weer een mooie video van het fascinerende leven van Olifanten

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In this Newsletter:

  • Renovation of Leadbeater Chambers is underway
  • Relocation of the Adyar Archives nearly completed
  • Adyar Theosophical Academy
  • Elephants video

Renovation of Leadbeater Chambers well underway

The renovation of Leadbeater Chambers (LBC) took off in May 2019. Scaffolds were up, all around LBC. The corrosion inhibition and civil rehabilitation, in corridor balusters, have all been fully repaired. For the treatment of corrosion, starting from the top floor, the weak pillars were identified, plaster is being chipped off, holes are drilled, small pipes are inserted, and cement slurry is injected to fill the internal crevices. Many pillars on the top floor were literally ‘hollow’ inside. Damaged balusters were removed, casting of new balusters is done and are installed in their respective places. This work is completed.

Scaffolds are down in the meantime and the new emergency staircases are under construction. The old staircases are demolished  and will be altered  into new bathrooms for the new rooms on the river side.

The new rooms will all get a new bathroom with warm water, produced by solar heaters. Electricity is also coming from PV-panels (photo-voltaic). This makes LBC the first building on the Adyar Estate to be completely solar-driven. We also try to clean LBC’s own wastewater for reuse in the garden  with a helophyte filter. In that case LBC will be the first building of the TS that is self-supporting for energy and wastewater.

It is  expected to that the renovation of LBC will be completed by September 2020.

If you pass by LBC it is clear that the work is still going on
The new emergency staircases are built on both sides of the building

The old staircases on the backside of the building will be transformed into new bathrooms for the rooms on the river side

Most of the large rooms are divided by a wall with two doors, so it will be possible to merge two room

Last chance to sponsor a room

It is still possible to sponsor one room or, if you wish, even more. With US$ 5,000 or 3.2 Lakh, Indian Rupees or € 4,500 you make it possible that one room can be renovated.

If you sponsor the project, it is considered to be a gift to the TS Renovation Fund. At the entrance to the room, near the door, there will be a plate stating: “this room was made possible by … your name … “, for at least 15 years. Those donors who reserved a room for sponsoring, but haven’t paid yet, are requested to pay this year.

You can contact if you are interested to sponsor a room.

Relocation of the Adyar Archives will be finished by the end of 2019

In January this year we changed the initial plans into an internal relocation of the library, which will create sufficient room for the Adyar Archives. The old garage, not in use any longer, is converted into the Archives’ offices, while a part of the storeroom of the library will turn into the Archives’ storeroom. The Adyar Archives will have its own entrance and restrooms.

The civil work and the installation of a special air-conditioning unit is completed and the actual relocating of the archives will commence soon and will be done before this year is over.

The new Archives’ space, used to be part of the library’s-storeroom
The old garage, not in use, will be the new office space for the Archives’ employees
The conditioning of the air for the Archives has finished

Adyar Theosophical Academy

The Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA) is a school run by The Theosophical Society, Chennai, located in the tranquil campus of Besant Gardens. Surrounded by trees, including a large banyan tree, with spacious indoor. Ideas for this school are based on theosophical principles and the initiatives undertaken by our member from The Philippines Vicente Hao Chin jr. regarding the Golden Link Schools.

The school started on 24th June 2019 with 21 students from Pre-KG to Grade II. Currently there are 37 students in total.

The formal Theosophical Publishing House building was fully renovated and extended with restrooms. All this took place from February 2019 until ‘school opening’ in June 2019.

As the school is expanding, it is needed to enlarge the building again with some extra classrooms.

The ‘old’ TPH building before changing into ATA
The new school building
On the right the new restrooms
Inside the school with an eye-catching main hall
A classroom
The Elephants # 12, this time distributed directly from the Adyar Estate.

The Elephants video

The Elephants Newsletter presents a short elephant clip, the long walk home. Watch the video here. 

Warm regards,

Michiel Haas


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