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Exploring the Powers Latent in Humankind – International Seminar 12 -14 june 2020

27 februari 2020

Wegens het Corona Virus gaat dit evenement niet door


International Seminar: Exploring the Powers Latent in Humankind
12 – 14 June 2020
International Theosophical Centre, Naarden, the Netherlands
The Theosophical Society in the Netherlands
Besant Hall
Meentweg 9, 1411 GR Naarden, the Netherlands

This seminar is in the English language / Dit seminar is in het Engels
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The Programme

The 2020 International Seminar aims to inform and give an overview of several of the most important scientific developments that are placed in the rational structures of scientific and the Wisdom Traditions.

Friday June 12
Arrival, dinner, assemble in Besant Hall

Saturday June 13
9.30 Arrival and coffee
10.00 Opening
10.10 Exploring the Powers Latent in Humankind
Prof. dr. Hans Gerding
Introduction to the theme of this seminar. Latent abilities manifest themselves in a wide variety of extraordinary experiences. This is happening en masse in our Western society. These experiences often lie at the heart of our culture, in religion, philosophy, science and art. In addition, they can also be dangerous and ask for in-depth research.

11.10 Coffee break
11.30 Challenge to Mainstream Psychology: Integrating the Transpersonal
Prof. em. dr. David Lukoff
During its 50-year history, transpersonal psychology’s challenging stance has kept it on the margins of academia. Yet this small movement has helped legitimate spiritual and exceptional experiences as important areas of inquiry in psychology. It has also pioneered the inclusion in therapy of a client’s spiritual and exceptional experiences, strengths, and conflicts as well as altered state of consciousness experiences.

12.30 Lunch break. For day visitors: Please bring your own sandwiches
13.30 The Magic of Zarathustra’s Eyes of the Heart
Dr. Ann van Sevenant
The Persian thinker Zarathustra highlighted the potential of the human mind and heart to connect to the inner space and cosmic universe. In the Gathas, this latent capacity is activated by the “eyes of the heart”. Years of practice allowed me to experience the process of a growing intuitive understanding.

14.30 Tea break
14.50 Exceptional powers and presences. Questions about their reality from an intercultural perspective
Dr. Angela Roothaan
Stories of exceptional powers and presences can be found in all cultures. These cultures however value them very differently – as subjective claims or as shared realities. Is it possible to gain a shared intercultural understanding of such powers and presences? How would such an understanding make us see ourselves: as rational animals, as spiritual beings, or a spirited animal?

15.50 Magic: a Scientific Resurrection of an Esoteric Legend
Prof. Dr. Dean Radin
As scientific materialism became the currency of the modern academic world, belief in magic faded away. But mateialism, like any worldview, has its limits, especiaaly in providing an explanation for the nature of consciousness. To help resolve this problem, an ancient worldview is being reconsidered, and one of the consequences of that reconsideration is the resurrection of magic.

16.50 Closing, possibly with short forum
19.30 Evening Programme: Cees Hiep, piano recital.

Sunday June 14
9.30 Arrival and coffee
10.00 Opening
10.10 Spiritual Competence
Prof. em. dr. David Lukoff
Research has established that for many people, spirituality is a strength and a resource for their wellness and recovery. Also, the evidence for the value of spiritually oriented interventions such as mindfulness and yoga has created an awareness of the need for therapists to provide more spiritually-inclusive care to clients. How can therapists be prepared to develop a more compassionate and skillful place within themselves to provide spiritually competent care?

11.10 Coffee break
11.30 A biophoton field may unite Western and Eastern medicine
Dr. Roeland Van Wijk
Human ultra-weak photon emission can be studied after dark-adaptation utilizing a highly sensitive photomultiplier. The spontaneous emission of a human shows a common anatomic pattern. The lecture explains the origin of the light field and the characteristics of the “language” of the photon signal in relation to the Western biomedical knowledge as well as to traditional Eastern energy medicine.

12.30 Lunch break. For day visitors: Please bring your own sandwiches
13.30 Gurus, charisma and transpersonal psychology
Prof. dr. André van der Braak
From mainstream psychology the relationship between charismatic religious teachers and their disciples is often interpreted as pathological, for example in terms of transference and countertransference. And indeed, such relationships are dangerous. However, what can be said from the perspective of transpersonal psychology about the transformative potential of these relationships? And what are the consequences for therapeutic care and social guidance?

14.30 Tea break
14.50 Inspiration and original experience
Dr. Rico Sneller
Inspiration is an original yet latent human experience. It should be associated with what Plato describes as ‘Eros’. Philosophy and art are greatly determined by the original experience of inspiration or Eros. But what is this ‘Eros’? Is it a cosmic power which exclusively expresses itself in bodies? Or is it a purely spiritual power? Or (third possibility) does it make sense at all to distinguish here between ‘body’ and ‘spirit’ as separate entities?

15.50 Spiritual Powers latent in Humankind
A human being is part of the process of evolution. Interacting with the whole Universe of which reflection on its ‘manifested’ side, its ‘other side’, and its real structure will be exposed.
The question of ‘matter’ and that of ‘space-time’will be examined in relation with the powers latent in a human being and with ‘mind’ and meditation.

16.50 Closing, possibly with short forum.


 Exploring The Powers Latent in Humankind 2020